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26. - Jun 16, 2021
To All Those Who Want to Join the Gen. Philip Kearny Camp #20 please send me an email which will have your name, address, and zip code and I will get an application out to you as soon as possible. Regards Clark D. McCullough Past Camp Commander, Past Dept Commander Dept of NJ.

25. - May 9, 2021
I am looking to join an encampment. My Great Great Grandfather served in the 62nd PA Co D.

24. - Mar 15, 2021
I am looking to join an encampment. My Great Great Grandfather served in the 62nd PA Co D.

23. - Mar 10, 2021
I am looking to join an encampment. My Great Great Grandfather served in the 62nd PA Co D.

22. - Jan 5, 2021
Hi, would like to join, I have Civil War ancestry. Great great grandfather Joseph Coulson, was with the Second Massachusetts Vol. Entered May 25, 1861 - mustered out July 14, 1865. Wounded at Cedar Mountain, VA. August 9, 1862. At Gettysburg, Chancellorsville, etc. Began under Colonel George Gordon. Barry Wilkes, Glen Rock,NJ

21. - Sep 24, 2020
Hello, I am interested in joining the Sons of Union Veterans. I have Civil War ancestry and have an application. However, I don%92t know the fees, where to send it or what camp to join. I believe I need a recommendation as well. I would appreciate any guidance you could give me. Dave Paszkiewicz, Kearny NJ

20. - Mar 6, 2019
help,trying to find a Civil War group to lead our 150th Memorial Day Parade in Rockaway Borough. Its on the 27th at 11:00 AM. And yes I know everyone wants you on that day!Can anyone help?? Its a shame to let 150 years of continous service go unnoticed.

19. - Dec 5, 2018
Hey gang. Bryan Sigmund from the Francine camp. Just visiting to poke around the website. Hope you all are doing good

18. - Nov 3, 2017
It was suggested by Janice Beyer that I contact your group. I am a trustee of the Sussex County Historical Society and chairman of the cemetery committee for the Old Newton Burial Ground. I am also a chapter member and Vice Regent of the Joseph Bessette Chapter NSDU. I have been doing a lot of research on the Veterans of the Old Burial Ground and have verified 22 Civil War Soldiers. Janice suggested that you may want their names and may also be interested in he

17. - Nov 3, 2017
Hello Again , this is about The Cemetery in Newton N.J. the lady Wendy Wyman is a newly formed Group , Daughters of The Union. hope you get in touch ,, Also the Article about Cemetery is on the internet New Jersey Herald. Oct 22 .2017. Thank You Again Janice Beyer

16. - Nov 3, 2017
My Name is Janice Beyer . My Husband Richard is a Sons Of The Union Veterans, here in Florida. we lived in N.J. before retirement . I am reaching out to you about a Cemetery In Newton N.J. Called Old Newton Burial Ground. the are a number of Civil War soldiers buried there . It has been neglected for a long time . Now there is a group preserving it. American Legion & A High School class at the leadership of their Teacher. The New Jersey Herald ran a story

15. - Jan 15, 2017
Saw your site. Did you know there was a New Brunswick Phil Kearney Camp 20 SOV 1877's New Brunswick NJ? Wonder how you chose that number please?

14. - Mar 24, 2014
I am trying to find the eagle scout coordinator. I was told that each camp had a coordinator. Would you point me to yours. Donald Lane

13. Ron Wells ; - Feb 7, 2014
I am looking into joining the SUVCW, however; when I looked for a meeting date for Camp Kearny I find two different days for the month of March. Is there anyway you can pass my name and information on to someone there so they can get in contact with me. I would appreciate it greatly. Ronald Wells 10 Jerome Pl Wayne, NJ 07470 845 821 3220

12. - Mar 23, 2013
Greetings Brothers, I'm a member of A.T.A. Torbert Camp No. 1862 our of Milford DE. I relocated to Belleville NJ several years ago and am interested in becoming involved with a SUV camp locally. I'm also interested in starting some type of Living History presentation in local elementary schools. Respectfully, Phil Brown Belleville NJ

11. - Aug 28, 2012
Alexander (Al) Platt, SVC Kennesaw Mountain Camp #3 Dept. of GA & SC Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War Dear NJ Brothers, As you have probably heard by now, our Department has been awarded the 2014 National Encampment. All activities will be held here in our backyard at Marietta. As a matter of interest, I would appreciate, on behalf of our Camp, your asking your members what of the following sites would be most appealing as a tour? This is not an

10. - Feb 24, 2012
Dear Eric: Good job on the web site. See you on March 3, at the Abraham Clarke House. Yours in F.C. & L Brother Clark

9. - Jan 13, 2012
If you are a visitor to the Gen. Kearny Camp website, and would like to leave a message germane to the nature of this site, then please leave your message, and, if helpful Kearny Camp will respond to you by email.

8. - Jan 4, 2011
Brothers: If you have not paid your dues for 2011 please submit them to me asap. Brother Don

7. - Nov 8, 2010
Brother Eric: Excellant web-site. One of the best that I have seen. Brother Don

6. - Nov 3, 2010
It was a very good meeting on October 30. I hope more members will attend our next meeting.

5. - May 10, 2010
The web site looks good. The only suggestion pick out your meeting dates and locations and put them on the website along with the times of the meetings. Also forward them on to Buzz Smithcors Dept webmaster. Yours in F.C. & L. Brother Clark D. McCullough

4. - Feb 23, 2010
This website is an essential part of our beginning as a Camp in the New Jersey Department SUVCW. I applaud our Brother Eric Bal for his hard work in this endeavor. Yours in Fraternity, Charity and Loyalty, Brother Bill Sturgeon, Camp Commander.

3. - Feb 11, 2010
The website looks great! Many thanks to Eric for all of the hard work on it. Bill Volonte

2. - Feb 10, 2010
If anyone has a suggestion about how to improve the Kearny Camp 20 website, or has any content they would like posted on the website, then just give a holler. Brother Eric Bal

1. - Feb 10, 2010
Welcome to the Gen. Philip Kearny Camp 20 Message Board where you can read messages of others and leave your messages. Brother Eric Bal

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